Business Logo Design

A business logo design is often the first impression a potential customer has of a company. It suggests many things about the company, including:

     - Product
     - Service
     - Values
     - History

A good business logo design draws people to the company. For this reason it should be specific to the target market; in other words it must be attractive to the people the company wants to attract. Good business logo designs possess the following qualities:

    - Simplicity
    - Uniqueness
    - Attractiveness

The most successful logo designs are instantly synonymous with the company for which they are associated. For example, when one sees the famous apple with a bite taken out of it, one instantly thinks of Apple Computers. A swish set against a plain backdrop? Sports apparel. Golden Arches? Lunch. A truly successful logo can become more than just the necessary branding to distinguish a company, it can be come a symbol in the lexicon of popular culture.

Perhaps the key ingredient in a making a business logo design successful is visibility. Established companies put their logo “on the move”. That means getting their business logo design out in the public eye by means of brandishing company vehicles with it. Delivery trucks, vans, sales cars are relatively cheap and effective ways of raising the public’s awareness of the logo and hence the product or service.

Successful companies make use of their logo wherever possible. This means not only brandishing the product itself, but all the packaging materials, sometimes down to even sticking tape. If the company does not sell a product, it will ensure to make the logo as visible as possible when conducting any service with the public. Uniforms, name badges, clipboards, pens and business cards are all excellent ways to thrust the company’s business logo design into a customer’s memory.

Larger companies make use of sponsorship to raise awareness of their business logo design, sometimes on a global scale. Sporting events are usually saturated with a myriad of various corporate logos. Often a company will sponsor a team and emblazon the teams uniforms with their logo. This forms a positive association by the respective team’s fans. An example is Nike, which provides the uniforms worn by Manchester United, one of the world’s most recognisable sporting brands.

Quality business logo design can be integral in a company’s success. Equally important is making the logo design as visible as possible. There is no point in having a genius design hidden away from view. A striking image is inherently more memorable to most people than a name, and for this reason, the concept of over exposure seems not to matter. The biggest companies in the world- Pepsi, Coke, McDonalds, for example, have logos that are visible everywhere you go, sometimes attached to their product, sometimes not. The logo business design is very often the customers first concept of a company, hence it should be simple, memorable- and everywhere.