Logo Design in Fashion

A successful logo design possesses the following traits: simplicity, style, and visibility. The company’s name should be clearly legible yet stylish and unique. The logo design may say something about the company’s history, its products and its values. A good design is invaluable in raising the profile of a fashion house as it has the ability to set it apart in the field.

The concept of combing style with simplicity is exemplified by the fashion house Dolce and Gabana. This approach to fashion design is also reflected in their logo. It is simply comprised of two black bold letters set against a plain white background: D & G. It is instantly recognisable and instantly invocative of the fashion house and their designs. This concept is equally applicable to DKNY, Este Lauder, or Calvin Klein. The “less is more” philosophy is paramount in these most successful of fashion houses and simplicity of logo design is a similar commonality.

If the fashion logo is successful enough, the design itself may become a sought after fashion commodity. Many of the most high profile fashion houses provide garments that are simply adorned with their own logo in a prominent position. This effectively serves as walking billboard that actually earns revenue while it promotes company awareness. This is an opportunity that is virtually unique to the fashion industry. For a company to be successful the logo must be “on the move”. Many companies apply this principle by ensuring their logos are prominent on all vehicles such as delivery trucks and company cars. Fashion houses are able to achieve this objective with their products themselves.

Another key ingredient in successful fashion logo design is appropriateness. The logo must be appealing to the demographic to which it is targeting. DKNY, for example, is aimed primarily at a youthful “go-getters” and for this reason the logo is loud and assertive. The stretched letters are reminiscent of sky scrapers that define the city from which the company draws its inspiration, New York. Armani is marketed as being elite and luxurious, and the eagle in its logo conveys an appropriate air of nobility and elegance.

A successful logo design must also adapt and change with the times, much like fashion itself. As a fashion house evolves so too must the logo to remain in sync with the company’s portfolio.

A fashion logo designs main function is to promote public awareness of the company. However, if the logo embodies the qualities of simplicity, attractiveness and originality it has the potential to become more than this. A successful fashion logo design can become fashion itself.