Logo of the month: September 2012

September edition of the Logo of the month has arrived, featuring outstanding logo design creations by some of the most talented designers. We selected great logos that stood out from the crowd through fresh ideas, carefully thought execution and nice presentation. Our special designer mention goes to cpuentes23, who's got three amazing creations in the top ten and also received the Logo of the Month title for a beautiful logo design. Check out these great designs and leave a word of encouragement for the talented designers!

10. Dance star Logo by anghelaht

Thumb up
+ we love the dynamics of the symbol
+ excellent color scheme agains the dark background
+ well thought out and executed details that give this logo an extra "something"
+ very well chosen typeface to complete the symbol
+ nice touch in using two colors for the word mark. brings extra dynamism to the logo

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9. Coffee & Beans Logo by dalia

Thumb up
+ great muted vintage colors
+ very nice idea in containing the logo into a badge, coaster like shape
+ love the texture that adds a little bit of history and implies heritage

Thumb down
- would have loved to see a better typeface to bring the logo up a bit
- ribbon and container need a little more finess


8. The Adoption Navigator Logo by milena

Thumb up
+ great interpretation of the compass motif
+ the symbol is beautiful, dynamic and very alive
+ great fresh colors
+ beautiful script typeface
+ well balanced structure and proportions

Thumb down


7. Valentsev Logo by Vitaly

Thumb up
+ beautiful signature with a feather like stroke
+ letters are well balanced and beautifully drawn
+ great golden color to symbolize quality and high end
+ nice, subtle details are implemented to give the word mark character

Thumb down


6. Anchor Marine Logo by communication-agency

Thumb up
+ great idea linking different elements into one symbol
+ the symbol is strong and expressive and it makes its way into memory
+ love the dynamics and carefully designed lines
+ great use of one single color for the symbol to impose boldness

Thumb down
- maybe it needs a bit more care proportion wise


5. Jenny Logo by cpuentes23

Thumb up
+ amazing feel and great colors
+ beautiful word mark, handwritten to match the design style of the logo
+ great manipulation of simple lines to create complex expression
+ great structure and balance of the elements

Thumb down


4. Baroquet Logo by Type and Signs

Thumb up
+ nice, complex and intricate design pattern
+ well thought style, modern but with baroque influences
+ bold typeface is used to sustain the structure of the logo and sends back to the old iron gates
+ love the monochromatic style of the logo that emphasizes the intricate nature of the pattern and keeps the logo non-busy

Thumb down


3. Native Designers Logo by cpuentes23

Thumb up
+ impressive, fresh and creative idea based on the overused symbol of the pen
+ great new approach by using double meaning words
+ well crafted logo. the execution is especially well done
+ use of just enough details to make this an outstanding logo design creation
+ great colors and well chosen simple typeface

Thumb down


2. Garneta Logo by ru_ferret

Thumb up
+ great way of welding together elements into a simple and clean shape
+ a lady, a crown, a pomegranate fruit, a flower and a leaf are diverse elements brought together to create a simple but multifaceted logo design
+ beautiful, complementary colors are used to balance the symbol
+ negative white space is well played to keep the logo clean, but in the same time add extra meaning
+ simple, well chosen font is kept in grey color to complement the logo design

Thumb down


1. The Logo of the Month, September 2012: Terra Cotta Logo by cpuentes23

Thumb up
+ amazing color scheme that brings up the Tuscany feel of the logo
+ old and new elements (clay vessels and bottle of wine) are used to emphasize the heritage of the logo
+ light and shades are used to create depth and to bring the design out of the page
+ great way of defining the space by having one of the vessels turned over
+ soft serif font is the perfect choice here, adding character to the logo and creating a base for the illustration

Thumb down

Congrats, cpuentes23, for an amazing logo design and keep sharing your work with us to get everyone inspired!

Congrats, cpuentes23! "Terra Cotta" is truly an amazing piece of craftsmanship in logo design!

I like the Terra Cotta and Jenny very much but other logos are also cool. great job

I feel honored to be recognized in this wall, its a real pleasure for me to be there. I truly believe that this is going to inspire me as to keep working hard on my art and be more passionate with my creations. Thanks for your comments!

Best regards

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