To redesign or not to redesign – that is the question.

What has been an existential question for Hamlet many centuries ago, may just as well become as live and death a question for any company or business. When it comes to who they are and how they are perceived by the world around them, redesigning should be a option, always at hand.

And if we were to be more targeted, redesigning the logo of any business / company is the first thing to reconsider, for the frontispiece of any business is its logo design. It always starts with the logo design, for the logo’s shape and colors, fonts and image are supposed to be a sum of what the business stands for, how it works, how it is better and superior to the rival market out there.

Therefore the question stands, it really becomes very pertinent.

The only thing is that there is a catch to it - if it became a question it is has already been a problem for a while. And the answer can go in only one direction, if the company is to live. Change the logo, redesign it.

Easy to say, some will comment. And they would be right. For choosing not to redesign may have sound reasons.

Not to redesign might mean less expenses for one’s business. Sometimes money can become a huge concern for anybody, be it company business or personal matters, and spending it on something that already exists might seem wasteful.
But if profit is taken into consideration (although it implies that risk of spending money for now to see the results in a near or not so near future), than, money invested in an upgraded logo design is money wisely spent.

For logos are like Hamlet’s question, they either defy time and forgetfulness engraving themselves in the memory of people, banks, other businesses, or they fade away taking their possessor into oblivion. And no company that wants to survive and prosper can afford being anonymous.

Choosing not to redesign your company’s logo might also mean giving your old logo another chance to do its job. There is no better way to determine if to redesign or not but by learning the truth about it. So test your logo. Ask an objective friend to reproduce it for you, to draw it or comment it. If you like what you heard, you have settled the matter, but if evasive answers or downright unpleasant truthfulness is provided, your business needs a positive answer to the question posed.

To redesign or not to redesign? That is now your question.

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