Top 10 reasons for a logo redesign

Your company's logo speaks to your potential and existing customers when you aren't there to do the talking yourself. First impressions last, so it's important that your logo is instantly recognizable, and your message is conveyed clearly.

1. Be one step ahead of your competition

Developing a logo that transcends competition is vital to the success of a business. A logo that can communicate better and is more visually appealing will mean that your target market is more likely to choose you.

2. Stand out from the crowd

Your logo is a promise to your customers so it's important that you convey the uniqueness of what sets you apart from the competition through your logo. Weather you need to set yourself apart from a few or millions of competitors, with a logo redesign, it's easy to stand out from the crowd.

3. Visual appeal is a work in progress

What is visually appealing to your audience is always changing. Styles are constantly evolving with time. Thus it is important to keep your logo revitalized, harmonized and matching the style that most appeals to your target market.

4. Signal your evolution

Companies are constantly changing, striving to provide improved products to their customers. Shifts in product lines for example. A logo redesign is the perfect opportunity to let your customers know about the new options available to them.

5. A shift in company ethos

This may occur when a company changes ownership. A logo redesign is the perfect opportunity to inform customers of the change in owners and indicate the change in business philosophy.

6. Be more memorable

The more memorable you are as a company, the more your customers are likely to become loyal to your brand. It is scientifically proven that people remember pictures better than text. A consistent logo redesign can help your company stick in the minds of your target market. You will literally become the first name that comes to mind when a customer requires a products or service which you can provide.

7. Establish a presence on the internet

Establishing a presence on the web is extremely important in this age driven by digital media. A logo redesign can show your audience that you are serious about your online presence.

8. Look web savvy

A logo redesign can make the transition to the internet smooth. It will also allow you to match or even exceed current trends on the world wide web. According to statistics, it only takes a browser 20 seconds to decide if they want to remain on a website. So it's vital that your website and logo grab your audience's attention immediately.

9. Show customers you're listening

Customers always require higher standards, bigger and better products. A logo redesign can give the impression that more is on offer and that your company is constantly and consistently raising its standards.

10. Meet customer's visual expectations

It's all well and good if you and your representatives can inform people about what you offer. But it's also important that your logo meets the class and high standards that you verbally convey.

From these top ten reasons, it is clearly evident that a logo redesign can aid your business to achieve the success it deserves. Not only does it help you communicate with your customers, it ensures that your target audience know that you are continuing to strive to provide better products and services.