logo design process

A couple of weeks ago, we were approached by a local hockey team here in Montreal.

They told us they were playing their first international game at a tournament in Atlantic City and that they needed a brand new logo.

It is well known that most of the things we really learn come from our own experience, after banging our own head against the issues that come our way. It is preferable, though, and less painful, to learn from the experience of others. The tips presented below are learned the hard way, at my own expense and hopefully they will help someone in some way. Working your way through logo design projects, you've probably come to similar conclusions, or maybe some other great tips that may help others, thus you're invited to leave a comment and share the things you've learned out of your own expertise.

Being organized is a must for a logo designer, especially when dealing with clients that are hectic and all over the place. When dealing with such a client, unless you want to go on forever with the logo design process you must have some procedures in place. Any client will appreciate a well structured logo design process, it will help both the client and the designer to focus on the important things, the things that will get to a satisfying result for both parties.

We've put together a check list that is easy to follow and will give you all the premises to successfully complete a logo design process.

It is extremely useful to contemplate a logo design gallery but sometimes discovering the process behind a logo can be not only a source of inspiration but a source of learning and discovery. We have found ten well written logo design case studies and we invite you to discover the process behind them