Catering or Restaurant Logo [FOR SALE]

More by: Rod Burkholz
Profile: UtahRugbyGuy
Website: Rod Burkholz


Runner-up logo for a food catering business

Name and custom type of the company can be updated to fit your company. Depending on final agreed on price, this could be included.

Contact Rod: [email protected]

Logo for sale. Please contact the designer.

Love the chef icon! it is indeed unique and it looks cool and dynamic. I must admit I like it more than the one they've chosen and I find it more suitable for a catering business. I might prefer the text straight and not curved though, but i think it looks great.

Great one again, Rod! Thanks for sharing.

yeah, this looks really good.

Thanks guys! ...btw, I'm in the process of selling one of my other logos that I have on this site, thanks to you guys letting us post or logos here! More proof this website is a great promotional tool for us designers! Much appreciated! Cheers!

Thanks, Rod, for your kind words. Its great to hear that reinforced :-)

Love this Chef!

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