Coleman Rebranding

Profile: soniya

This a fictitious logo derived from a 80-page branding guide book designed by a student at Academy of Art University, San Francisco. The objective of the project was to find a brand and not only redesign its logo, but also its branding and image.

The new Coleman logo has moved away from the red color, and the lantern icon, because now, Coleman is much more than just that. The colors represent the sky, the mountains and the lush landscape. The multi-layered logo implies the use of Coleman products for all kinds of activities—in the sky, mountains, land, and underwater.

The symbol is inspired from the triangular shape—denoting a camp, shelter, protection, and mountains. The cool, soothing and organic colors imply modern outdoor activities—bringing together adventure along with the great outdoors and a feeling of comfort.

The typeface was also tweaked from the original typeface to appeal to the new target audience.