RUMBA Coffee


A brand for a coffee hot, seductive and stimulating as the Rumba dance ....

Logo for sale. Please contact the designer.

oh, excelent logo. very nice execution.

It's very nice.

The font choice is very nice. Maybe try to put coffee under RUMBA?
RUMBA coffee sounds better to me :-)

very good idea ... Thank you loveley guys again ... !!

Well, to be honest, your logo invited me to say something :) I really like it.

I've changed the type thing ... but under "latest logos" there's still the old one ... modern times ... technology ...
boaa ...

It's a caching thingie - it will update soon.

yessss - I see - ... ;)

your credit, Lorena. you designed it ;-)
looks good with the coffee placed under RUMBA.

yyeeeessssss !!!

This is brilliant!

Awesoome! Great Feel!


thank you very much ... !

Awesome idea!

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