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Unused logo proposal for a family-operated, Singaporean bakery specializing in producing handcrafted, artisan baked goods and pastries that use only the freshest ingredients and no preservatives. Client requested an illustrative approach that hit on tonality such as funky, young, modern, playful, hip, and cool, with a slight feminine appeal. This concept delivers a literal exploration of a 'sweet tooth,' and its scripty, hand-lettered type, pastel color scheme, and delicate doily motif give this one a bit more of the feminine edge. Click here to see the entire genesis of this project on Dribbble: http://bit.ly/av-sweet-toof-dribbleproj. Click here to see the Dribbble development of the first sketch through the initial client pitch: http://bit.ly/av-sweet-toof-alt02-sketch. Click here for process shots and more detail of the initial client pitch: http://bit.ly/av-sweet-toof-alt02-process.

beautiful illustration and great type... awesome as always! :-)

Thanks Daniel! I appreciate the kind words.

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