Add your logo to the gallery

To add your logo to our logo design gallery you need to create a free account on the site. It only takes a few moments and you will be able to submit your own logos.

There are two types of accounts, both free.

Regular accounts

Everyone who registers on the site gets a regular account first. You can upload an unlimited number of logos but each logo will be reviewed by our staff. Based on the logos you submit you may or may not be granted a designer account. We usually grant most of the users designers accounts but there are some exceptions of course.

Designer accounts

A designer account lets you upload an unlimited number of logos directly into the gallery. We do review each logo but the logos submitted using a designer account are pre approved.

Each logo submitted from a designer account will include a link to the logo design gallery of the designer.

My page, for example is located here:

What are the advantages of having a Logo Mix account?

Your own logo design gallery
Your logo gallery page will never contain ads and or any other data from the site. It will only display your own data - your logos, your links and contact information.

Get in touch with fellow logo designers, exchange ideas and request feedback for your work in progress.

You can post any kind of logos on the site - logos for sale, work in progress, logos posted on other sites, etc. - the only requirement is that you are the original author of the logos and to have rights to list them on the web. 

To register for an account click here.