2011 Rebrand 100 Global Awards

Rebrand 100 has just released the 2011 Global Awards, prizes that celebrate the best rebranding programs world wide. You can peruse the awards on rebrand100 website and I recommend you to take some time and explore the branding programs as they are a great source of inspiration. The rebranding programs are all amazingly good and the best of the best are on display here, but even so I couldn't help not to pick a few favorites which are to be displayed here on this post. The branding programs in my selection are chosen based on personal preference and the way those brands and designs manage to transmit something to myself and communicate something better than the others. Take a look and maybe let me know if you have your own favorites.


One of the best programs as awarded by Rebrand 100 got to my list because of a life fact. A while back we were visiting Vancouver, BC and we received a lottery ticket. Don't blame me, but I felt compelled to include belch on my list. I must admit though it has all the qualities to be at the top of the list.


I love, enjoy and am around good food on a daily basis, thus when I see a good branding program of a food company I cant help it. The Culinaria visual identity is amazingly simple but with such impact. Truly a rebranding success.


An extremely creative branding program for a pharmaceutical company. The gap between the old identity and the new one is huge, in a case where anything would have been better than the old one. The current identity is so much better and transpires creativity.

BC Place

That place transpires energy and dynamics, I've had the chance to attend to the U2 360 concert at BC Place and the rebranding program live up to the fame of the place. It was also launched to celebrate the retractable roof that BC Place will pride with starting 2011.


Well I think everybody recalls that famous song played by Village People a while back. Besides that, the rebranding program simply brought the YMCA identity to life. I'd just want to say "It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A."

Country Club Plaza

It simply a great branding program, with a tremendous transformation. The new identity has class, it speaks heritage, but in the same time its got a vintage, yet modern look and feel.
The applications are extremely well designed.

Russian Railways

Not a change in logo design, but the overall applications and identity design got cleaned up very nice. The new identity system manages to be modern, dynamic and up to date, but without loosing it origin and russian feel.


Now here's a rebranding program that I just love. The visual identity managed to loose any last touch of corporate and just got very personal, friendly and vey much alive.

Hannover airport

Here's an identity that doesn't scream rebrand. It quietly got modern and up to date, and if you take a look at the applications design and identity system you will appreciate good taste and classy design.


What could be more about "U" than your personal touch, your personal unique signature, your personal fingerprint. The new logo says so much that I don't even know where to begin… its such a smart a suitable design that describe an entire philosophy and strategy for business. Its simply bank.