5 Task Management Apps for Logo Designers

We're all used to working on multiple projects in the same time, and the comfort and times of working on just one project at a time are long gone. In a fast paced environment, with entrepreneurs launching start-ups on a daily basis, everyone wants their branding projects done yesterday, if possible. As freelancers, self-employed designers or even as employees we find ourselves in the position to manage multiple tasks in the same time. Also, with the hype of the mobile world, staying in sync with your projects and connected with you co-workers at all times is extremely important. Thus, the need of having a very good task management app to handle your daily to-dos and organize you work becomes vital. Here are five of the best tasks management tools (either free or at an affordable cost) to help you out with your daily work routine. If you use some other to-do applications that are cool and worth sharing, drop us a line.


Wunderlist makes it so easy to organize your projects. Just create a list and start filling it with the things you need to complete. This amazing task management tool makes it so easy to keep track of your tasks with reminders and notifications. Wunderlist works excellent not only on your browser, but also as an app that you can install on your Mac, PC or even on your mobile phone (it offers iPhone and Android versions) or tablet (iPad). It also provides sharing features so you can share your tasks and lists by email or you can invite co-workers to work with you in Wunderlist.


Remember the Milk

A multiple platform app, built especially for mobile, but with a in-browser component that is easy to use. It helps you organize your to-do lists and keeps your task list tidy and easy to follow. It is a free and cross platform service which makes it very popular.



TeuxDeux is a simple, free, browser-based task management app (with a mobile version for iPhone) that helps you organize your projects and tasks on a calendar-based view. It lets you overview your projects by week, jump between dates, check off, move or delete tasks, edit existing tasks in an easy to use and non-cluttered design.


The Hit List

The Hit List manages the chaos of your daily projects routine. This app keeps things as simple as scribbling on a piece of paper. You can create projects, list tasks, edit and move things around and even paste in details information. It syncs with iCal and present daily tasks in one view. It is a very helpful little app that's worth every penny as it has been designed with efficiency in mind.



Easy, yet powerful and the two right words to describe this app. This powerful app lets you focus on the task at hand without having to switch between view modes or wrapping your head around filter criteria. Every to-do item falls in place with Projects and Areas of Responsibility. You can organize your projects using tags, sync to-dos with iCal, and take everything with you on the road using your iPhone. Every list can easily be filtered by due date, and you can use the search option to look across your entire library.