Amazing butterfly logo designs

As a child, I was very keen and I tried so many times to capture a butterfly. To my surprise, the little creature was spoiled and the amazing colors on its wings vanished under my touch. I learned one thing back then, you just can't pet a butterfly. But you sure can use it to create awesome logo designs. It is a joy to watch a butterfly, its constantly changing colors, its lightness and amazing dynamics. Beyond everything a butterfly stands for softness and fragility, lightness and movement. Its beauty makes it so appealing and the remarkable colors get the eyes. It is amazing to discover the diversity of logo designs that use a butterfly as a symbol, counting on a very easy recognizable shape, great balance, soft and flowing lines and dynamic construction. Enjoy a great and diverse selection of very well designed butterfly logos.

Lindasari Logo by Ronny Andreas


Butterfly Spa Logo by Roy Smith


Tutti i fiori Logo by ru_ferret


Lovemeet Logo by Miš i Pile


Woman Logo by communication-agency


Muhtarov Logo by ru_ferret


UrbanBody Logo by Basim


My Dream Logo by Gedas


Twitterfly Logo by uneekGrafix


Imago Logo by Dache


Salony Creations Logo by Just Creative Design


Butterfly Logo by Xa0tiK


hms Logo by artODell


ADDI Logo by Genius Logo