Amazing Female Figure Logo Designs

All my favorite ladies are here… Primadonna, Aphrodite and the Mermaid came back from ancient history… Anna's here, as if pasted from a russian vintage novel… Lady Teepee came from the far west, while the Geisha is here to represent far east. Lady Rose sits in a corner chatting with Lady Peppermill, while Juliana prepares herself for a walk. All the good Ladies are here, so check out this amazing collection of female figure logo designs, that will blow you away through creativity and elegance. The styles are so awesome that, even if in some cultures it is considered inappropriate, you'll find yourself staring and admiring the perfect lines and colors of these beautiful ladies logo designs. Don't forget to leave a nice comment for the incredible designers.

Juliana Logo by ru_ferret


Mermaid Calls Logo by logosprite


Aphrodite Logo by Melanie D


PrimaDonna Logo by Andrei Gadoiu


Teepee Logo by cpuentes23


Lady Peppermill Logo by Type and Signs


Geisha Logo by ru_ferret


Geisha Logo by ru_ferret


Geisha Logo by ru_ferret


Rose Lady Logo by Patricia Picha


Ekaterina Logo by Oleg Makarov


Golden Maids Logo by Sergey Babenko


Anna's Choice Logo by Breno Bitencourt


Rhoda Logo by yanuarmoo


When the Fat Lady sings Logo by randyheil


Luisa Marieta Logo by Creacion propria


Kweeny Logo by tanami


The Woman Logo by Misona


Pin-Up Girl Logo by UtahRugbyGuy


Real & Fabulous Logo by kathariney