Asian Inspired Logo Designs

I've just seen a Chinese movie last night called The Promise and I was impressed on how differently asian cultures appreciate and use symbols. Everything was allegorical. There were lots of colors, music, flying and blossomed cherry trees. Lots of red, speed and fighting for honor and love in a totally different way from something that you'd see in a western culture movie. If you think about it, a logo design has to be allegorical sometimes, a melange of symbols and colors, but the interesting fact is how these symbols are interpreted so differently in different cultures.

I've made a selection of asian inspired logos and analyzed the symbols, characters, type of fonts and colors used. Everything seems to have a spiritual side and even food has to fall into some boundaries. Every aspect is well studied and means something, nothing is left to chance. The things are done in a certain way, the symbols are clear and highly respected. We must appreciate the decoration and the high level of details in some of the logos, and also the classic symbols such as the elephant, nirvana, the Buddha, the chop sticks are now known world wide and easy to identify. It's interesting to see though non-asian designers using asian symbols in a proper manner.


Cultures East Logo by oxide


Bamboo Logo by Craig Russell


Mysore Dasara Logo by Prasad Bhat


Nirvana Logo by Henric Sjosten


Fabriqua Asia Logo by Nido


Simply Bhangra Logo by Yuka Highbridge


Asian Partners Logo by AnonyMouse


Far East Gifts Logo by jerron


Istocna Cuda Logo by vld


Smiling Buddha Logo by qmanning