Awesome Star Logo Designs

Every designer wants to design a star, figuratively. We all want our logo designs to become famous and have impact, build the foundation of a strong, recognizable brand. Some of us are lucky, talented and inspired enough to manage to do so. Many logo designers use the symbol of a star, to create awesome logos, literally. A star stands for quality, for a goal that needs to be reached or achieved. A star is an eye catcher, and stands for beauty and luminosity. It expresses a higher standard, an ideal and a desired place or state. Check out this cool selection of star logo designs and get inspired to design your own star logo. Literally or figuratively!

Fabric Star Logo by Fabian


New Star Agency Logo by 7 Men


Imagine That Logo by Raja Sandhu


Badtwins Logo by Amir Karahasan


Starbaltic Logo by Denis Olenik


Hope Heroes Logo by Milash


US Health & Fitness Logo by UtahRugbyGuy


Stargekko Logo by Serdar Aslan


Clean Master Logo by Koz


Amethyst Logo by 5rlogo


Lullaby Studio Logo by almosh82


Galaxy Garden Logo by James Strange


Silver Creations Logo by Breno Bitencourt


Seastar Logo by Justin Dickenson


Eisenhover Logo by Mads Burcharth


RVLTN Logo by Muamer Adilovic


Star Semen Logo by Steven sessions


Day of Victory Logo by BrandBerry


Popula Logo by Nido