Awesome "wire" logo designs

Take a pen and a piece of paper (or a pen and a graphic tablet). Start drawing without taking your pen off the paper/tablet. Its alway tricky isn't it? Here are few samples of how some talented designers have turned tricky into awesome. They managed to tell a story with a simple line born from the flow of their pen.

A "wire" logo is always descriptive and the seemingness of the line gives a certain dynamic to the logo making it almost come to life. I'm curious if someone ever tried creating them out of real wire. Enjoy the selection!

Toro by Van Paul


MEMOART by vasvarip


PILGRIM by Sergey Babenko


Zebrand by vasvarip


The Sweetest Day by Euan Mackenzie


Cherry on Ice by Alen Pavlovic


SPA horse by vasvarip


Wirewine by gravitart


Love yarn by almosh82


Redkosti by Choerte


Lion Art by vasvarip