Black logos for the Black Friday

Its just crazy this time of year with all the brands, stores and malls throwing their best deals at us. How could you resist to such an assault and why should you actually. For the Black Friday the price tag seems to be more important than the brand tag. Shoppers seem to care less about the logos on the tag and more about the deals. For those who care about the logos despite the trend of the day we propose a series of cool black logos just to celebrate in our own style.

Every proper logo design process should begin with black pen drawn shapes on a white piece of paper. And sometimes that seems to be just enough. There are logos that look so good just in black that you feel there's no need for any shade of grey or drop of color. A black shape can be so expressive and look so complete that it does not need anything extra. These are logos that are primarily meant to be used in black. With the immense variety of colors available at hand it is hard to believe that someone would choose black as a primary color. But as a designer you begin to understand that choice right after you create your first logo that requires black as its primary color. Here is a selection of logo designers that thought that dressing their logos in black was more expressive than any touch of grey or hint of color.


Grab Em by the Sack Logo by Odney


Room Logo by Roko Kerovec


Georgian House Logo by Milash


Seven Logo by Tomek Sarnecki


High Cuisine Virtuoso Logo by Alexey


Genius Logo by Alek Chmura


Monki Lab Logo by reghardt


Walk Logo by Kliment Kalchev


Private Grave Logo by Dan Gretta


Memoart Logo by vasvarip


Cake Film Logo by Alen Pavlovic


Epic Comments Logo by Alexander Wende


Locksley West Logo by janzabransky


Photo Carrier Logo by Saurabh


Griffen Electric Logo by Logo Motive