Butterfly Logo Design Idea

Sometimes you need to play to get the creative juices flowing. Even the simplest idea  can give you a boost in the creative process especially when used to the potential. So i was thinking to go back in time to elementary school and work with an idea that we used to play with back then. We are going to create a butterfly logo out of paint.

Step 1

Step away from the computer for a moment, get a piece of paper and few tempera color tubes (the kids version are just fine). Take the piece of paper and fold it in half and then unfold it. We are going to use the fold line as a guideline.

Step 2

Take the tempera colors and put some color drops on the paper directly from the tubes. Keep in mind the in the end we need to have a shape resembling a butterfly.

Step 3

After pasting the color drops on the paper, fold it and press it, smudging the color inside like in the image.

Step 4

Unfold the paper and repeat the actions until you are content with the shape and color patterns.

Step 5

Take a photo of the image obtained or scan it and bring it up in Photoshop. Play around with Levels and Contrast. Bring up the Hue/Saturation dialog box in Photoshop and play with the colors until you're happy with the result. I'll go with some strong color combination as seen in the image.

Step 6

Open the image in Illustrator and trace it using High Photo fidelity tracing option. Here's the result. You can play around with the other tracing option to get different results. Have a try.

Step 7

In Illustrator, take the pen tool and draw the butterfly's antenna. Use the watercolor brush option for the outline. Expand the appearance of the antenna and color the different shapes in different colors taken from the butterfly body image.

Step 8

Duplicate the antenna and arrange them a bit to have them looking right.

Step 9

I found this brush font on dafont.com and i've used it for our logo lettering. Here's the result.

Step 10

We've had some fun playing with color tubes and paper, then tweaked the result using design software and here we have our butterfly logo design born entirely out of play. You can use this technique to create various shapes for your logo design. Design should be playful, so have yourself some fun.