Canadian Maple Leaf Logo Designs

Question: What can you do with a maple leaf? Answer: Brand a country and make everything Canadian. In this chase after a unique and powerful symbol as a branding asset, Canada has nailed it. It has managed to acquire and create awareness for a simple, yet memorable and powerful icon, the maple leaf. They managed to do it so well, that the maple leaf has become a world known symbol and stands for everything Canadian.

Very few nations had managed to do so and have a powerful recognizable national icon (the Australian kangaroo, the French cockerel, the turkish half moon come to mind), but none of those manage to take it to the Canadian level of branding imprint. They place the maple leaf on everything. If you want to develop a brand that has a Canadian origin or feel you throw in the maple leaf and you're done.

This only brings up the issue of uniqueness and originality. When you have so many visual identities that celebrate the Canadian maple leaf, how can a designer still manage to achieve originality and uniqueness? Furthermore, how many logos can be created using one design element, the maple leaf in this case? I've selected a series of Canadian maple leaf logo designs. It's worth taking a look to see the way logo designers managed to achieve the authentic Canadian feel.


Canada's Walk of Fame Logo


Mount Royal University Logo


Molson Canadian Logo


Canadian Pride Logo


All Canadian Log Works Logo


Canadian Orebodies Logo


HJC Exploration Logo


Maple Copiers Logo


Pod Camp Logo


Wentings Logo


BVRnation Logo