Cool Badge Style Logo Designs

The badge style logo designs seem to be very much in trend these days, despite the fact that the trendsetter Starbucks just gave up the badge style logo and moved to something more simple. There is though a vintage influence in logo design that cannot be missed and it can be assumed as being guilty for the badge style trend in logo design. The main characteristics of badge style logos are the elements comprised in a compact shape, usually a circle, exceptions apply obviously. The logo designers imprint a modern slant to the logos which bring the vintage style to today. Check out this great selection of badge logo designs!


Blended Milkshakes Logo by Milou


Pineapple Brigade Logo by GreenInkStudio


Nazarevskaya Sloboda Logo by Simon Says


Triple Vision Logo by 13mu


McFly Original Logo by Marc Katsambis


Penxinxas 24 Logo by Yoon


Georgian Pediatric Association Logo by Milash


The Blender's Choice Tea Logo by Milash


Green Line Group Logo by Roman


Aira Foods Logo by Milou


Rent a Chef Logo by 13mu


Rocking Children Apparel Logo by communication-agency


Claudia Renzi Logo by crenzi


Eco Chefs Logo by cresk


IHA Logo by cresk


Rio Logo by alteregologos


Union Express Logo by Gal


My Time to Eat Logo by 13mu