Cool Finance Logo Design

With the Holiday Season approaching all we hear is about the Christmas spirit which seem to be shopping these days. The Christmas songs invite us to calm and peace, but they don't seem to rich to the frenzy in our minds. There is a phrase saying that money make the world go round. One might know better, but if we are true to ourselves we must agree that things seems to spin around money. A Happy Christmas means lots of gifts, decorations and food... the holiday seems to go through our wallet first. So before looking for some season appropriate designs it only feels natural to research some financing logos first.

Finances or money is a convention that we use for value. We use pieces of paper or plastic linked to database figures to evaluate our work, effort or social status. We use money to evaluate and make a hierarchy for products, companies and even individuals. In the finance world everything needs to be exact and strictly calculated, rigor is the word in order. Finance companies use bold and strong symbols to promote the idea of trust and stability. The colors are strong and austere as the image reflected has to be sober and corporate. There are financial institutions that are trying to be friendly and close to the customer, but even they have rigid and strict rules regarding their image. Let us see how designers have envisioned corporate image for some financial companies.

Brokers Logo by Dache


Crown Bank Trust Logo by Logo Motive


EI Finance Logo by Dache


Lions Gate Mortgage Logo by UtahRugbyGuy


Pacific Shore Capital Logo by Mel Campbell


Moneyledge Logo by Roko Kerovec


Spitamen Capital Logo by Sergey Babenko


Westmill Capital Logo by almosh82


Money Saving Tactics Logo by reghardt


E-Money Name Logo by Ramazanov_ruArt


Centaura Logo by Eagle Imagery


Stock Hound Logo by Design General