Cool Fingerprint Logo Designs

Back in the day when education was not for everyone and the majority of people didn't know how to write, people were using their fingerprint to seal a contract or to sign documents. I assume it was a common knowledge that a fingerprint was different for each individual and thus it became the ultimate symbol of uniqueness.

Now, if you think about it, a logo design should carry the same characteristic and act as a fingerprint for each business, institution or person that it represents. The word in order is of course uniqueness, but a fingerprint could tell so much more at a closer look. A businessman's hand would be so much different than the one of an oiler, a steeler, a man who works the land or a pianist's for example. In the same way, a logo design should tell something about the business of the company it represents.

I've researched a few fingerprint logo designs for us to study. The fingerprint motif is the same, but the businesses these logo designs represent couldn't be more different. Religion, art, sports, business, theatre they are all represented using the same symbol and yet there's something unique about each of them, they stand out and make you appreciate the creativity of the designers.


My Story Logo by Owen Jones


Baton Rouge Gallery Logo by Keith Parent


Surfindex Logo by Firebrand


World Made Flesh Logo by Oxide


Infotouch Logo by cjames


Designer: Terrence Patrick Logo by Terrence Patrick


One Touch Media Logo by Sevacro


Trial of Hamlet Logo by DesignPhase