Cool Kids and Toys Logos

To play is fun at any age, and playing with logo designs is no different. As a logo designer sometimes you just feel the need to get away from the corporate rigour and have some fun with simple but clever and beautiful shapes. Kids and toys are two concepts that go together like coffe and milk, they were invented one for the other and complete each other perfectly. Play was invented for kids and toys were invented for the play. Here's a selection of very cool kids and toys logo design that are fun and very well designed.

First Toy Logo by ru_ferret


First Toy Logo by ru_ferret


Huckleberry Baby Shop Logo by Impact Visual


illybaby Logo by Hayes Image


Rocking Children Apparel Logo by communication-agency


born ninja Logo by Mike Bruner


bath buddies Logo by James Waldner


First Steps Logo by ru_ferret


hypnocat Logo by Sergey Babenko


Kids60 Logo by Gal


b-boy Logo by deiv