Cool Music Logo Design Selection

Music and graphic design... they are both arts but we perceive them with different senses. We hear the music, and sometimes, to enjoy it even more we close our eyes. How do we express music using graphic design, an art that is addressed to completely different senses. We should remember though that music begins with graphic signs scribbled on a piece of paper, the musical notes are primarily graphic signs. In this music logo design selection we've chosen logo designs that we thought captured very well in graphic something that is usually addressed to our ears.

Daily Jazz Logo by James Waldner


Royal Notes Logo by James Waldner


Eagle Song Studio Logo by Gary Chew


Monki Lab Logo by reghardt


Music Dog Logo by OLIVERAKOS


B3 Hammond Music Logo by UtahRugbyGuy


Nayatune Logo by logoholik


Note Records by ALL4LEO


Rock Sampler Logo by Alan Oronoz Madriles


Parties of Note Logo by Roney Davidson


The Find Music Logo by Andrei Gadoiu


Seven Logo by Tomek Sarnecki


Sunmusic Logo by Raffaele Visconti


Moving Trumpet Logo by Saurabh


Bond Records Logo by tass