Cool Robots Logo Designs

Robots stand for progress and innovation, development and openness towards expansion and future. We learned to get accustomed to robots, managed to get our life around them and even love them. Robots were always a challenge for the ones that built them, and a source of inspiration for designers. For a logo designer, inventing a robot logo design is firstly a lot of fun, than a challenge to get creative and innovative. A deep level of detail or a mere scribble could both make a strong and appealing robot logo design, as the imagination has no limits here with free creativity as the main asset of the brief. Have some fun with our cool selection of robot logos.


Uatuh Logo as see on


Edzelrubite Logo by sknny


Animarts Logo by Lorena Mirbach


Robbing Robot Logo by doubleA


Recipe Bot Logo by michaelspitz


Rabotic Logo by michaelspitz


Books and Beyond Reader Robot Logo by BigAl67


Big Fat Robot Logo by BigFatRobot


Brain Freeze Logo by nattiemon


Crazy Robot Logo by calouroj


Big Robot Studios Logo by james_at_fridg


First One Robotics Logo by dominique


PushRobot Logo as seen on


AndroidQA Logo by ALEKCAHDP


Robot Logo by nightmare and the cat