Country Tourist Logos - My top 10

A few days ago I've posted a blog about the Romanian tourist brand. I wasnt able to fully appreciate it because of the controversial leaf design element. I still can't. But i did look over the fence into other countrys' backyard and see what they've come up with in terms of national tourism branding.

When it comes to designing a logo for a country the combination of color, shape, arrangement and typography need to be just right in order to transmit something about that country's heritage, culture, history, geography or people. From the variety of directions, the branding team need to put their finger on the one element that could identify that country and push it forward, making it recognizible and desirable for tourists.

Here is my top ten country tourist logos. Feel free to make your own search and state your preferences and we'll add your favourite country logos to this post.

Hong Kong logo. I know it's not a country. It's not just a city though. I think they've put it very well here. It's an entire world. I love the symbol and i think that is the best branding program for a place done so far.

Bulgaria logo. If you love travel TV shows as much as i do you'd know that Bulgaria has become the number one tourist destination for british people. Sink in the sun on the golden sands... just lovely. And their country logo says exacly that. Beautifully executed.

Australia logo. It's about cangaroos right? You just can't miss it. I love the typography, the colors and the way the sun rises and sets from beyond that cangaroo.

Egypt logo. A simply amazing work on the typography and colors. It's like looking at handwriting on an antient papyrus.

Bahams logo. Excelent use of color and geography element. It's about islands and it's about diversity and color.

Bosnia Hercegovina logo. Sea, sun and mountains... The elements come beautifully together and the colors are vivid and strong. You'd love to go there just by looking at their logo.

France logo. Surprisingly, they didnt use the "common place" element of Le Tour Eiffel to brand their country. France it's much more than that. And the logo it's just an invitation to discover it. Rendez-vous is a world known phrase isn't it.

Spain logo. Passion and character... you see it at the first glance. Excellent logo design.

Cyprus logo. Good composition. The elements are strong and you can't miss the story behind them. It's like contemplating and old greek vessel. Even if their history goes along Greece's, Cyprus has it's own distinctive mark.

Greece logo. Beautiful colors and composition. Makes you think about the wonderful scenary and landscapes Greece has to offer. Hot spirited people too... you see that just by looking at the sea element.