Dance Crew Logo Design

Energy, movement, action, sweat put into a type of art that almost everyone enjoys in a form or another and at different levels. Yes, it can only be dancing. Male and female, young and old, if you feel the vibe you need to express it and let it come out of yourself into beautiful arches and pirouettes, for the connoisseurs, or weird and strange poses for the dance newbies. Being a three dimensional act and implying movement and energy it can only be so difficult to express dancing at a two dimensional graphic level. The challenge of designing a logo for a dance crew or institution only starts with the issue of transposing energy and movement into two dimensional static graphic shapes.

Simplified and dynamic human forms, flowing curves, vibrant colors are only a few means which designers use to transpose and represent the act of dancing. In the end, the graphic designer needs to transmit a state of mind, a sense of enjoyment and an explosion of energy through a very condensed graphic element such as a logo design.

Take a close look at the sample dance logo designs posted below and try to identify the symbols designers used to express the art of dancing. Vibrant colors for the burst of energy, simplified fluid shapes for the poses of dancing crews, graphic elements to express the joy and the happiness as a state of mind.

Tango de Tightrope Logo by doubleacreative


Breakn Air Logo by wildwisemedia


Rhythm Dance Crew Logo by Penflare


Ballet de la Louisiana Logo by stundesign


The Delaney Academy of Irish Dance Logo by Truly Ace


Kudos Beach Logo by tass


Move It Logo by Zoltan Sebestyen


Manyano Logo by Brandon Barnard


cUp Logo by puzyo


Aya Tango Logo by tass


AK dance studio Logo by freshbrand