Decorate Your Logo for Christmas

Winter Holidays are swiftly approaching and everyone is decorating something. Decorations create atmosphere and remind us of the upcoming Season. Big companies are undertaking huge design projects to decorate their logos for Holidays, but here's a quick and easy tip that you could do to give your logo a Christmas feel.

Step 1

What could be easier than adding a Santa's hat to your logo? Start with drawing a few simple shapes that we'll use for building our hat.

Step 2

We'll color the hat itself in a dark red to red gradient, obviously, and give the furry parts a light blue to white gradient.

Step 3

Let's put the pieces together now and voila, here's our Santa's hat.

Step 4

Draw some shading in a darker red color to give our hat more realism.

Step 5

Give it a flip and position the Santa's hat on the logo. Hurray! Our logo is ready for the Christmas Party.