Design a barbed wire logo in Photoshop using the puppet warp tool.

I haven't used this tool in Photoshop until recently, but i found that it can be a very powerful tool and nevertheless fun to play with. This tool can be used to design lots of things and for this post i found it very useful for designing a barbed wire logo.

I've got this image of barbed wire via istockphoto, i've isolated the wire and combined the pieces together to get this very long piece of wire that we need in order for the puppet warp to work properly.

Step 1

In Photoshop CS5, go to Edit / Puppet Warp. The default mode will show a mesh over our object, and if you want to hide that just deselect the Show Mesh option in the top bar.

Step 2

Now start adding inflection points to our barbed wire and start moving them around to see how the tool works. To rotate the point hold down the Alt Key and a little circle will appear so you can see the controller. Also holding the Alt Key pressed and clicking on the inflection point it will erase it.

Step 3

Start working on creating the word wire.

Step 4

Now create the dot over the letter i.

Step 5

Duplicate the word wire to give it more volume and add some decoration to it. Voila! Here is your barbed wire logo made with puppet warp tool in Adobe Photoshop CS5.