Elizabeth City State University Unveils The New Logo and Website

As part of its new $12 million proposed comprehensive campaign strategy, Elizabeth City State University unveiled its new Web site and logo design last week. Sherri Belfield, director of marketing at ECSU, said the new logo and slogan — elevate higher, emerge stronger — is a new brand, which will help raise the university’s profile in the community and beyond. Belfield gave names like Nike and BMW as examples of brands that bring recognition. “We see these logos and taglines and we identify them immediately,” Belfield said. “Higher education has become increasingly competitive and many colleges and universities use branding to increase awareness of their institutions. It is time for us to introduce a new brand that tells a story.” The redesigned Web site has the new logo on the main page and features a simpler design and more user-friendly site navigation. Belfield said the new logo, blue letters with the ECSU name over the slogan written in red letters, will replace the “wave” logo. “It tells each student that no matter what level you are at when you begin school, ECSU will embrace you and take you to a higher level,” she said. “Each student will emerge stronger.”

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