The End of an Era: Steve Jobs 1955-2011

It's a sad day for all Apple fans and not only… as Steve Jobs, a man of great inspiration and passion, has past away. His vision has influenced our lives by making technology beautiful. Designers across the world have stopped for a moment to remember a great man. Here's memento of their tribute to Steve Jobs. An inspiration and a visionary has past... But we're still living his dream! Check out

Thank you Steve Jobs. Thank you by Dann Petty


Steve Jobs introducing aSterics by Kris Black


iThank you Steve by Herson Rodriguez


Steve Jobs in 16px by JJ Ying



Remembering Steve by Thomas Ricciardiello



Steve, you will be missed by Julio Ramos



Farewell, Steve by Jay Rogers



For Steve by Rob Palmer



Steve Jobs Cartoon Sketch by Kris Black



Steve Jobs by Uriel Albarran



RIP Steve Jobs by Ivor Padilla



Rest in peace, Steve by Alana Riley



What Steve said by Chris Chan



Steve Jobs 1955-2011 by Jonathan Mazaltov



Er'day 11 by Matt Kump



Steve Jobs by Ivor Padilla



Thank you Steve by Tom Neal


Sad Mac by Jerrod Maruyama


RIP Steve Jobs by Stephen Kistner


RIP Steve by Signalnoise