A few things to avoid when creating logos

The right combination of components is critical in crafting an effective logo design. Now, the prime object of a logo design is magnetize its planned market and to stand out. With the resultant number of logo designs being made and the growing variety of logo design firms being invented, it is difficult to make your business logo memorable for your customers.
The theory for logo design today is... simplicity attracts, complexity pushes away. This is because the logo design is spoilt by too many components. One must understand that a logo doesn't necessarily has to include every single facet of the company.
Most people are conscious of what components make a successful logo design but rarely are cognizant of the matters which should never be added in your logo.
Avoid legal endings like LLC or Corp.
For example Nike is not only Nike... its Nike Inc. But that does not reveal in its logo does it? Legal abbreviations like LLP, Gov and Corp, LLC, Inc, Pvt are unnecessary to show in the company's logo. Therefore these should be kept from the logo to be able to allow it to be brief and easy.
Business Particulars
As mentioned earlier, a logo design doesn't have to tell every single business details like phone numbers, its addresses, and sites. For one, your logo is populated by it, making it hard and cluttered for customers to get. Second, what would occur if you relocate your company? You'd need a logo redesign. Picture, redesigning your logo only for the benefit of updating your business address or phone number.
Improper logos
This is one of subconscious and unintentional error that logo designers make. One must be incredibly cautious of the logos being applied in the logo design to see if it doesn't, at all, allude to a circumstance that is vulgar or profane.
Copying another logo or use a stock symbol
Getting inspiration from someplace is one thing, but reproducing from another layout is something to be rigorously prevented. There's lots of difference between coincidence, logo plagiarism and inspiration. That's the reason it's constantly advised not to use pictures or stock images in a logo design. This might wind up in likely a copyright infringement or a legal suit. Designers should make sure that there layouts are distinctive and original.