Google logo to mark Jules Verne's Birthday Anniversary

I just love google logo. No, not the multicolored one but the doodle logos they have with each event they find noteworthy. They did something especially nice today to celebrate the 183-rd birthday anniversary of visionary and most creative writer Jules Verne.

Today's google logo is built from submarine portholes with an interactive lever on the side that can be used to dive the machine deeper into the sea. As you "navigate" you can get a glimpse of various forms of marine line through the portholes. I find the idea just amazing. Here you are on google homepage, ready to type your thread of words in search of something and you find yourself spending a bit too much time on that page playing with the google logo. That's a very cool way of branding.

Google doodle logos have had a great impact and gained huge popularity lately, no wonder that Google team had put so much effort and resources into this project. The company estimates that it had created over 900 doodle logos since the project started in 1998. Go to the google page and have a run. Worth a few moments of your time today. Its fun.