Great feminine logo designs

Starting with the feminist revolution women became key target for marketers. As they began to make their own decisions regarding not only themselves, but also their families and households, marketers have begun to target their branding options towards the feminine public. More and more products were developed to address especially to women and, in the latest years, we've seen a trend in redesigning and rebranding for women products and services that use to be addressed only to men. As women were more involved socially and received responsibilities that only men used to undertake, companies had to create or recreate products and services addressed to the new target.

Are there such things as feminine or girly cars, feminine trousers or pant suits, feminine sports that used to belong to men such as race cars, fighting sports, soccer or even football, and the list could go on? Yes there are and they don't seem to be new anymore. But beside those things that companies had to rebrand, there is a huge market for products that belong only to women. Women outnumber men on planet earth by double, but was until recently that marketers learned to use that. Nowadays, commercials addressed to woman are probably double in number compared to the rest of them. So justice has been made.

Do women need a different type of branding? Yes. As much as our society tries to remove differences between sexes, men and women remain different and they need different type of branding. Men are more structured beings while women are more sensitive and intricate. That has got to reflect on branding. Branding for women has to do more with the feeling and the softness that characterize them. Of course those are general characteristics and we do not discuss niche targets. The feel and the emotion of the logo is much more important when designing for women.

I've made a selection of feminine logos. Notice the elements that address to the feminine soul such as flowers, lips, intricate jewelry. Follow the softness of the line and color and the rigidless type face along with the story they transmit. To get to the women's heart you need to have a story even when we're talking logo design.


Ecce Femina Logo by almosh82


Poseus Logo by gravitart


Konad Nails Logo by higher


Nails Club Logo by Alexey


Diva Logo by communication-agency


Woman's Entrepreneurial Development Conference Logo by tkhoury


Anne Center Logo by Odney


Grab 'em by the sack Logo by Odney


Swantique Logo by Nenad Mladenovic


Cool Femme Logo by Basim


Marilips Logo by Brigada Creativa


Modini Logo by ru_ferret


Prima Donna Logo by Andrei Gadoiu


Muhtarov Logo by ru_ferret


Rose Garden Logo by Os Design


First Steps Logo by ru_ferret


Travel World Logo by BrandBerry


Sealed Lips Logo by Capota Florin


Galaxy Garden Logo by  James Strange


Loveclip Logo by designabot