Great masculine logos

I must admit that it was easier to make the selection of feminine logos than it was to find logos with truly masculine characteristics. Manhood has changed its core, it has become more sophisticated and diverse and in some cases more effeminate. Take for example the metrosexuals, a softer version of men living in a capitalist culture with a strong concern for their appearance. The wild spirit of the true man seem to have faded away, or at least dissipated and become a rara avis. The men have changed since the day they were branding the cows with the fiery iron and so were the type of branding that is addressed to them.

Even if we get our food at the superstores and not from the wild there are still elements that define a man. Harsh lines, bold colors, a spirit thirsty for adventure even if it gets it via video games or movies. When designers are trying to convey manhood they stay away from soft or complicated concepts and adopt clear, aggressive lines, strong images and inflated imagination. As women need the logos addressed to them to tell a story, men need an invitation to adventure. As opposed to intricate and mysterious, man react to simple and straight forward.

The selected masculine logos are proactive, dynamic and bold. They transpire action and passion, elements that construct the very essence of manhood.


Bike me Logo by tanyafoss16


Outlaws Logo by Odney


Cazadores Logo by Alan Oronoz Madriles


Wild Soul Logo by Chariot


Bull New Media Logo by SencerBugrahan


Mocha Man Logo by Craig Russell


Nobilis Logo by Daria


SRM Logo by Pure Fusion Media


Artisan Builders Logo by Van Paul


Watcher Logo by  Ivan


RAMM Logo by designabot


MadDog Productions Logo by UtahRugbyGuy


Kenya Serengeti Logo by Gal


Warriors Logo by Paul Jobson


Adventure Logo by vasvari