Japanese Inspired Logo Designs

Due to the recent events in Japan, the LogoMix team has decided to pay respects, so we dedicate this post to the brave Japanese people. I admire the people of Japan and must admit I'm amazed of their peaceful attitude through these hard times for their nation.

The Japanese culture is impregnated with art and full of powerful symbols known worldwide. The Japanese inspired logo designs follow on the same path, having very specific elements that make them very easy to identify and recognize.

We have made a selection of Japanese inspired logo designs and invite you to identify the most used elements and the scale of awareness they have in western cultures. You will notice that we have adopted many of these Japanese symbols and grown familiar with them.


Art on Music Logo by Nomadesign


Japan Robot Logo by Nexs


Nippon II Logo by Ideoma


Yakitori Taisho Logo by AnyGivenSunday


Kumoamae Logo by communication-agency


Japan Minutes to Disaster Logo by Graforidza


O Sakura Logo by lisarae


Photosushi Logo by BluesCue


Jin-Dojo Logo by malbardesign


Osaka Logo by rkfinnegan


Miaguiii Logo by ideoma


Yukashi Logo by geraproject


OK Architects Logo by ideoma


SKN Lawyers Logo by euripedes


Sushi Logo by Type08