Logo Design Color and Personality

"What is the preferred color scheme?" we often ask our clients before designing a logo and the answer we expect is not in terms of the color they personally like, but in terms of the character they want to inprint the logo and the message they want to transmit through color.

Color creates emotional connections and tones the mood of the logo. Color tells us a story and positions the logo as corporate or casual, serious or funny, playful, cheap, glamourous...

When the time comes to color our logo, to dress it up what colors should we choose and why? The exact symbolism of color often depends on people, places and culture so you should know your public before designing. For example in UK white means perfection, purity and virtue while in China it is used in mourning, symbolizing heaven. Red is connected with strength and life, but is taboo in financial communities.

There is however a general agreement in terms of color meaning for UE, USA and Canada and i've listed it below with some sample logos.

Red - passion, anger, stop, battle, love, blood, action, confidence, courage, vitality

Yellow - joy, intellect, caution, cowardice, youth

Green - fertility, money, healing, success, growth, nature

Blue - knowledge, tranquility, calm, peace, cool, truth

Black - fear, negativity, elegance, stability

Purple - royalty, wisdom, spirituality, imagination, magic, mystery

Orange - creativity, imagination, energy

Grey - neutrality, security, maturity, techniquality