The logo design lucky charm

Do you believe in luck? Well, I do. Let me explain why… I believe in luck because I really feel lucky. I get to work on various design projects and I just feel really, really lucky. Is this an objective statement? I highly doubt it.

This morning I was thinking about luck. Why do some people really manage to get everything working for them, and other struggle all the time? After thinking about the topic it occurred to me that luck has nothing to do with chance. Well, maybe for just a little bit. But as an old saying says: “You make your own luck.” While it’s true in some cases, we cannot ignore the inevitable, inexplicable situations in which we can only say that a person really “got lucky”.

Moving away from the philosophical realm, let’s get down to earth and see how some really talented logo designers created their now luck. While trying to figure out the luck mystery, it occurred to me that, since we live on a such diverse planet, we must see this topic differently than our neighbor - to my surprise, there is a huge variation in how we all perceive luck.

Here is a collection (I do not say that I have exhausted my search) of “lucky logos”.

Acorns Logos (luck according to Norse folklore)

Oak tree hill by Asa M.

Graphic Alphabet Acorn
Acorn Logo

Development Zone by campfire
Trees For Pease
Acorn Logo

Rainbows logos (luck according to the Bible)

Creation by eccremoce 

Amazing zoo
Amazing Zoo Logo

Peliana Logo

Love Finance
Love Finance Logo

Case FX
Case FX Logo

Four leaf clover

Luckey Logo

Lucky Three
Lucky Three