Logo design tutorial - Create a 3D looking logo

One of the secrets of being a good logo designer is to get inspired by other people’s logo work. As one famous author put it: “It usually helps me write by reading – somehow the reading gear in your head turns the writing gear.” (Steven Wright)

The same principle applies to music, drawing, painting and I believe to many other disciplines. If you want to be really good at doing logo design, sometimes you just need to stop designing and start watching.

In the video below you will get the chance to see how an artist, Creatnprocess (youtube nickname), creates a logo design from scratch. While this is all about technique, there is nothing mentioned about the research stage of the logo creation process.

There is, however, a real value in watching the video. You learn to use the available tools in Illustrator CS6, you learn how to use a basic shape, in our case a circle, and tweak it to create a totally different form out of it. You will also learn how to work with points, use the pathfinder and apply vector effects to your logo.