Logo of the month: March 2011

In March at The Logo Mix, we've seen new records in terms of numbers of logo designs posted. As you can imagine it was hard to select the best top ten logo designs. This month we've appreciated mainly great ideas, but also didnt forget to notice outstanding execution, high level of details or simple, and powerful icons. Check out some of the best logos posted on the Logo Mix gallery in the month of March 2011.

10. Foodmobile Logo by ru_ferret

It's mainly a design puzzle, the main challenge being to manage to fit all these little elements together to create a bigger picture that makes sense and transmits a message. The logo designer manage to do an excellent job here and combine all these food elements in a comprehensive way. The color scheme is very well chosen, the natural palette applied across all the elements works very well, and the rounded typeface complements the design without absorbing the focus.


9. Rostovsad Logo by Sergey Babenko

No grass or leaves in this landscape design logo, but a fresh, more abstract approach that makes the logo stand out and become memorable. The freshly cut shapes create a spherical tree that is very appealing visually, and functions so well as a powerful icon. The excellent typeface, bold and white, creates a good balance and gives the logo design a strong foundation and equilibrium.


8. Mariental Logo by alenadvertising

Seeing the venue photographs, I thought that the outlined style that designer adopted with this logo was perfect. With just a few simple lines and a great typeface, the designer managed to transpose the feel and the époque of the place. "Less is more" seems the concept in line here and the simple figure of the castle's tower recreates the medieval atmosphere of the restaurant.


7. US Candy Logo by ancitis

A logo design that transpires American style through every line and shade. The illustration is very well executed, with great care for details, perspective and shading. The logo describes well the concepts of smooth and creamy and the topping is just yummy. Great selection of font to go along the design and brilliant integration.


6. Kenya Logo by Gal

We love to pick monochrome logo designs that are so powerful that you just cant take you mind off of them. This one falls successfully into the category. Using just dark shades and light, the designer manages to create a strong and detailed icon, with a high visual impact. The roaring lion is so well designed that you almost feel its power. Contrasting savannah shades have the sole purpose of creating atmosphere and reinforcing the message. The typeface is simple and bold in perfect balance and very well proportionate.


5. Flighthouse Logo by Lorena Mirbach

Even if this logo was posted at the beginning of the month, I knew the moment I saw it that it will make it to the top ten this month. Its dynamic shape, the bright colors and the light design that seems to be floating off the screen make this logo a truly memorable one. The fresh design approach is remarkable, the level of details is just right and, I don't know if it's just me, but I cant stop starring at it. Great job Lorena! Again.


4. Catrina Red Ale Logo by Andrew Rose

It's a bit creepy, isn't it? But one of the reasons for that is the fact that the logo is so well designed. The attention to details is amazing, and the colors are perfect to create the right feel and a friendly logo still. The simple, tall typeface complements the design well, without being overpowering. The paled out, sandy colors show the designer's great skills and create the right atmosphere.


3. Picshooter Logo by Lorena Mirbach

The idea is simply awesome. Lorena managed to impress us again with this logo designed just for the sake of it. As I see it, its a playful game that starts with some double meaning words, that get to be designed in the most fun and exciting way possible. The wild, wild, west style is perfectly suitable for this logo, and transpose the idea in the best way possible. One of the best monochrome logos I've seen.


2. Soverinn Logo by Srdjan Kirtic

The style of the logo reminds me exactly of the broidery framed landscapes that you can see in a countryside inn. The galloping rider has an excellent dynamic and the brushed out colors are just perfect. The designer managed to imprint the vintage feel to the logo, while still maintaining its elegance and class. This is the type of logo that you can keep starring at, without getting bored. Excellent work!


1. Logo of the month: Rocket Readers Logo by UtahRugbyGuy

This logo design is simply amazing. The details are fantastic, and just the fact that this logo was hand-drawn first, says a lot about the designer's skills. The logo has a great dynamic, ascendent shape and transpires playfulness. The designer has managed to transpose the right feel to the logo, a sense of discovery and childish adventure. The custom designed typeface is integrated perfectly into the design, and the styles used create this amazing alternative world, that invites us to explore it. Congratulations, UtahRugbyGuy, for a great job on this logo design.