Looking for a logo? Now it's even easier to find the right one.

Hello everyone! My name is Radu and I am one of the developers involved with The Logo Mix. We're trying to make the site a better place for both designers and visitors. A thing we've noticed lately was the great amount of traffic we've received for our "Logos for sales" section.

When we first started the section we did not expect to be such an active part of our site and the tools to reach a logo were non existent. We are now glad to share with your our first improvement that is specifically aimed at the potential buyers.
Our visitors have now the ability to filter the "Logos for sale" section using some simple yet effective tools located at the top of the page. The logos can now be filtered by type, color and using a keyword.
We did this after we've discovered how hard was for us to find a specific logo that was listed "for sale".
Feel free to let us know what other improvements would you like to see on the site.
A note to designers:
We get lots of traffic for this page - make sure your logo sits in the right category and has the proper colors listed to maximize the chances and have your logo noticed by the potential buyers (the black & white category is not to be used for logos that have black in them but for pure black & white logos). Aslo, try to avoid using "your logo here" in the logos you want to sell.