Very Cool Mask Logo Design

Does a logo design function as a mask? I would say that in most of the cases it surely does. If you think about it, a mask would always emphasize certain characteristics, usually the strong ones that no one could overlook and leave aside other characteristics that most of us wouldn't notice. A logo design would do exactly the same for a company, organization or individual. It would take the best features and point them out so that everyone could see and appreciate them. A mask would use symbolism and color to transmit a certain feeling and a logo design would not be far behind in that area. A mask would not always emphasize the best features though, while a logo design would always strive to do just that.

I've made a selection of interesting mask logo designs. Follow the emphasized elements, the symbols and the colors used to transmit certain feelings and mark the features and are intentionally left aside. You will notice that our brains are very creative. Its surprising how they are able to fill in the blanks.


Theatrical Art Institute Logo by Gal


Nirvana Logo by Henric Sjosten


Tort Logo by Milash


Queens Glass Logo by Andrei Gadoiu


Otus Logo by Gareth Hardy


Mohicans Museum Logo by Nima Elias


Dramaturgia Logo by gjrdesign


Margareds Logo by woelve


Incognito Logo by hyperian


Rojo Mojo Logo by curlhat