“Montreal Jedi” Hockey team - Logo Design Process

A couple of weeks ago, we were approached by a local hockey team here in Montreal.

They told us they were playing their first international game at a tournament in Atlantic City and that they needed a brand new logo.
When they told us the name of the team was "Montreal Jedi", we got super excited, we are big time geeks and hockey lovers.
On top of that, we got granted creative freedom.
We started working right away by doing some paper sketches...
After agreeing on a creative direction, branding elements and some visual components, we went ahead and started the vector version of the logo.
The typography was developed after the character design was fully approved and helped us levelling the composition.
Once that was done, and while keeping in mind that the main application of the logo was going to be on red backgrounds, we started trying colour palettes. 
FInally, we presented several options to the team and after they chose one of the options, we went crazy… We developed several applications, prepared  the files for embroidery and had a full skating session with them to take pictures.
We are proud to present you here with the final result:


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