Sports logos: Tennis Tournaments Logos

I believe that a sport is as famous as it is able to attract sponsors and ignite the passion of the fans. Also I think it's to do with the number of people watching that particular sport live on a stadium or arena or via internet and television. There is one more thing though. People and companies get involved as sponsors and supporters because they want to be associated with that sport, in our case tennis. They want to be associated with what that sport means and stands for.

What does tennis stand for? It stands for elegance, intelligence, upper class. Being an individual type of sport it stands for ambition, fame, beauty and personal success. It does not promote a team, but a name… a name that others long to use as a role model, a name that companies fight to associate with.

Tennis is a sport that have the most number of fans following the least number of competitors. Tennis offers the biggest prizes to the smallest teams, usually composed of one. Tennis raised stars and inflamed fans. It is time for this sport to get its rightful place in the Logo Mix galleries.

I've made a selection of tennis tournaments logos and I must admit that elegance, heritage and dynamics are the main characteristics of tennis logos. This week we'll be presenting you with the Grand Slam tournaments logos, and we will follow up on the weeks to come with the other tennis tournaments in the ATP world tour.


Australian Open Logo


Roland Garros Logo


US Open Logo


Wimbledon Logo


London Tennis Tournament ATP Finals Logo