Tales of sailing and sea in logo design

I loved boats ever since I was a little kid and made model ships at the kid's club. The flowing shapes, the sails, the anchor, the helm, the wooden floors and the small cosy cabins with round, waterproof windows, they were all things to dream about. If sea stands for the concept of mystery and hidden things, a boat or a ship is an element of exploration and discovery, the frail home of the brave adventurer, who launches itself into the great unknown. Used figuratively to represent a concept, or literally, a ship and the related elements are always intriguing, an invitation to go out and beyond to break barriers and limitations and achieve new goals. I have tried it and I must admit it is a challenge to design a logo that implies sailing elements, but in the same time the logo designers featured in this post have done a great job with their cool sailing related logo designs. Using a great level of details of just a few elements, through their logo designs, they have managed to tell stories of sailing and sea.


Bhaavya Marine & Trading Logo by tickey


Anchor Marine Logo by webcoredesign


Draper Yacht Club Logo by UtahRugbyGuy


Sail Across the Words Logo by Alan Oronoz Madriles


Flighthouse Logo by Lorena e Bernardo


Los Cabos Beach Logo by Eduard Lobanovskiy


Ocean Dawn Logo by Hexanine


Ocean Curl Logo by Justin Dickenson


Seablings Logo by Rudy Hurtado


Friends of the sea Logo by Vibor Viskovic