Text based logo designs

Sometimes a typeface seems to be just enough to serve as an inspiration for a logo design idea. With a smart tweak and a bit of color, a typeface could work very well in representing a company or organization's brand. I admire the designers that were able to see beyond the text font in front of them and, through selecting an appropriate typeface, making adjustments to it and adding a specific color scheme, they were able to come up with amazing text based logo designs.

When designing a text based logo there are some advantages that come to mind. If you have a memorable typeface or you've managed to tweak it well, the logo is easily visually absorbed and is more likely to be recognized after a limited initial viewing. It can be reproduced in most media with minor modifications, and also low resolution media or smaller size and still remain recognizable. In this case it is very easy to associate the name with the visual representation of it, the logo.

The disadvantages of a text logo involve most of the times the designer as he needs to have a high understanding of typography. The logo designer has to be able to style the font in a unique manner, work with less illustrative or iconic elements while setting a visual message.

The logo designers who's designs are featured in this post have done an amazing work though, and manage to personalize the typeface in a unique and creative manner to come up with great text based logo designs.