Valentine's days logo design inspiration

Valentine’s day is around the corner and many of us are thinking of ways to show our appreciation for our loved ones. People all over the world get busy buying flowers, chocolate and other gifts to show their appreciation. As designers we are probably involved with creating various promotional materials related to this holiday.

Below is a nice selection of both logos for sale or logo designs to enjoy that portray the spirit of Valentine’s day holiday.

Florist And Cafe Logo

Florist and cafe logo

Birds in Love Logo

Birds In Love Logo Design

LuvLab Logo

LuvLab Logo

Sweets Heart Cakes And Cupcakes

Sweets Heart Cakes And Cupcakes Logo Design

Delicate Jewels Made With Love

Delicate Jewels Made With Love Logo Design

Black Heart Night Garden

Black Heart Night Garden Logo Design

Love Roses

Love Roses Logo Design

Lovely Pretzels Bakery

Lovely Pretzels Bakery Logo Design

Heart Lock

Heart Lock Logo Design

Love Color Logo

Love Color Logo Logo Design

Golden Heart

Golden Heart Logo Design

Love Grown

Love Grown Logo Design

Sushi Heart

Sushi Heart Logo Design

Love Circle

Love Circle Logo Design

Special Flowers

Special Flowers Logo Design

Love Heal

love heal Logo Design

Bird Heart

Bird Heart Logo Design

Heart Gift

Heart Gift Logo Logo Design


Heartbeats Logo Design

Diamond Heart

Diamond Heart Logo Design