Very Cool Face and Expressions Logo Designs

Everyone would assume that it is easy enough to design a face logo. Take two small circles for the eyes, a vertical line to suggest the nose and a curvy one for the mouth and there you have it. It would take a lot more than that to create an expression though, even a simple one. We express most of our states and emotions through our faces' mimics, and they are so unique and intricate that it would be very tricky to transpose them into design. I must confess that I admire very much the designers that have the skills and the keen perception to filter the multitude of details into a face expression and use only a limited amour of details to transmit the right state of mind or emotion. Check out these very cool faces and expressions logo designs and you'll find them inspiring, from the simplest to the most complex one!

Napoleon Sushi Bar Logo by Alex Badovsky


Dark Bird Studio Logo by Andrei Gadoiu


Mr. Zoom Logo by gilevad


Smiling Bean Logo by Lorena e Bernardo


ProBook Logo by Arnas Goldbergas


Bike Me Logo by tanyafoss16


Turksmuseum Logo by Serdar Aslan


TrashArt Logo by Lanevski


Big Boss Logo by yurko


Musik Skull Records Logo by Logo Motive


Tribal Travel Logo by logosprite


Bipolar Logo by Josiah Jost


Hello Led Logo by Roy Smith


Baby Cry Logo by Nima Elias


Nirvana Logo by Henric Sjosten


Magic Ghost Logo by Mathias Hoeckmeier


Banbinka Logo by Gareth Hardy


Bocca de la Verita Logo by Lorena e Bernardo


Babeatz Logo by Lorena e Bernardo


Chiponas Logo by ru_ferret